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First Step to Financial Freedom

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Everyone around us is yapping the same thing- Track your expenses, minimize them, save money and invest it.

However, just don’t invest without any understanding, be careful what you go for. You should have complete knowledge about it. It’s not that hard also, you just need to be disciplined and have the right psychology. They are not wrong. They are hitting the right notes of discipline and psychology but at this point of our lives, we are more involved in finding our passion, our fire, our purpose. And in that huge to-do list, where do we scooch in the time for these other things that are not directly related to our passions. But this is a never-ending loop, every journey starts with that first step- that first determined thought telling us that we’ll capture it.

Its never too late or too early to start on your journey of personal finance, but you gotta start some time. You need not be right with every decision you make therein but just need to make sure that whenever you are right, you are right BIGTIME. Back yourself up for the losses that shall happen along the way and cut them short, and just tell yourself to keep moving forward.

This is what we do here at Krona as well, we help our users to move forward, help them focus on their real to-do list and let us take care of the yapping of people around them.

The journey begins with 1 SEK itself!




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